The Mocad 3 represents a complete overhaul of previous Mocad models and the Trolley now has superior Electronic and Mechanical Components.
This is thanks to Mocad's substantial investment in Irish Engineering to scrutinize every aspect of the Mocad 3 Trolley including all wearable components to ensure they reach first class Irish Standards

  What's different about the New Mocad 3
1. The Mocad 3 now has a 360° Handle for the Left and Right Handed Golfers
2. The Mocad 3 has a new On/Off Switch to allow the Trolley to operate with Variable Speed Control and when the Trolley is at a stationary position the Trolley can be clicked off to the "Full Off Position". This switch produced in the UK has been further updated in August 2008 to allow smoother acceleration.
3. The folding mechanism of the Mocad 3 has been revised to make it even more "User Friendly". The Upper handle has now got a "Simple Push Silver Button" to make folding easier.
4. The Mocad 3 now comes with the new Sliders with Ears allowing you the Golfer more leverage to assist in folding and unfolding the Mocad 3 Trolley.
5. The Mocad 3 has now got "Wheel Spacers" located behind each side wheel to improve alignment.
6. The Mocad 3 clutches have now been upgraded to reduce "Wear and Tear" by a further 25% increasing the life of these clutches.
  7. The Mocad 3 Motor and Gearbox is now probably the most efficient Gearbox on the market today. The Mocad 3 Gearbox still utilises 180 Watts, however this Gearbox is now suspended on Rubber Mounts drawing far less power and ensuring a longer battery life.